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Denton, TX.

Featuring some of the top Christian thinkers and speakers in the country: J.P. Moreland, William Lane Craig, J. Warner Wallace, Gary Habermas, Craig Hazen, Greg Koukl, and many more.

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Evangelical Philosophical Society
The EPS is a leading organization of professional scholars and leaders in apologetics, philosophy, and theology who seek to show the plausibility of the Christian worldview to various areas of thought, life and culture. Twice each year the EPS’s journal, Philosophia Christi, publishes leading essays and book reviews that contribute to various areas of knowledge in apologetics, philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, and ethics.

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Biola Apologetics
Biola University’s Christian Apologetics Program features a variety of disciplines to train Christians to contend for the faith. It offers two Master of Arts degrees, a Certificate Program, and a variety of debates, lectures, and special events open to the public. These programs and events are designed to meet the needs of people with families, careers, and active lives across the United States and receive a stimulating education on the defense of the faith. Biola University is a private Christian university founded in 1908 in Southern California. It offers 145 academic programs through seven schools. All programs are regionally and professional accredited.

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