Denton Bible Church,
Denton, TX.

Featuring some of the top Christian thinkers and speakers in the country: J.P. Moreland, William Lane Craig, J. Warner Wallace, Gary Habermas, Craig Hazen, Greg Koukl, and many more.

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Sessions and Tracks

The conference will feature notable and gifted thinkers on a variety of topics. Attendees will be treated to all plenary sessions and then have the option to pursue a different topic during breakout sessions each day of the conference.

Shroud of Turin: Evidence for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus?

The Shroud of Turin is once again in the news, featuring a host of biblical, historical, and scientific questions concerning the most researched archaeological artifact in history. What does this cloth indicate in relation to Jewish burial procedures? Is the image on the cloth really that of a crucified man? What is the likelihood that it could even possibly be the actual cloth in which Jesus was buried? And what, if any, potential evidence is there for the resurrection of Jesus? These are some of the focal points for this lecture and Power Point presentation.

Presenting at this session: